Feeling lucky? Enjoy a glass of Sparkling Mint Lemonade!

Home Recipes Feeling lucky? Enjoy a glass of Sparkling Mint Lemonade!

St.Patrick’s Day is almost here, and it’s time to come up with some holiday-themed mocktail ideas! So why not give sparkling mint lemonade a try?

Based on the mojito, this refreshing, sophisticated mocktail is a great alternative to the usual lemonade!

photo of mint lemonade Photo by Maximiliano Carrizo on Pexels.com

Why mint lemonade?

This drink may be similar to a fruit punch, but the taste is like no other! The sweetness of the syrup and the tartness of lemon juice create a perfect balance of flavors, while the mint adds an cool, refreshing kick!

The bubbles from the sparkling water give the drink a light and fizzy texture, making it the perfect beverage for warm weather.

The bitterness of mint and a good squeeze of lemon are a match made in heaven. Fresh mint balances the tart lemon flavor, and that citrusy, minty fizz is the perfect thirst quencher on those sweltering days under the sun.

If you love lemonade, you will love this fresh new twist!

iced sliced lemon on clear drinking glass

This virgin cocktail is a real treat! Not only in St. Patrick’s Day, but also whenever you ache for something fresh and springy to replace that soda craving.

Relish in your afternoon with a light mint lemonade spritzer! Let it brighten up your days of spring showers. Ready to give it a try?

Let’s begin!

refreshing lemonade on table decorated with lemon and lime slices Photo by Chiaroscuro on Pexels.com

Sparkling Mint Lemonade

A bright and refreshing soda, perfect for spring and relaxing in your garden!

What you’ll need

– 500ml sparkling water
– 10ml lemon juice
– 100ml mint syrup
– Ice cubes (optional)
– Fresh mint sprig and lemon slices (for garnish)

How to make

Step 1

Fill the glass with 500ml sparkling water

Step 2

Pour in mint syrup and lemon juice, stir well

Step 3

Drop some ice cubes and garnish with a fresh mint sprig and lemon slices

Quick tip!

Cool the drink well for some extra fizz! Want something sweeter? Pour in a bit of honey or sugar syrup.

Want to make a boozy version for the grown-ups?
Swirl in some rum for a poolside mojito vibe, or add a shot of vodka or limoncello for a stylish summer cocktail.


Time to court Lady Luck with this fizzy, refreshing treat.
Let’s get started!

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