Make springtime a treat with lychee tea!

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lychee tea

Lychees are loved by many for their sweet, fruity, floral notes in taste and smell – similar to a rose-scented grape syrup with a citrusy-hint. Even a simple lychee tea makes for a great aromatic, sensory experience!

To celebrate the coming of spring, why not brew a pot of lychee iced tea? Simple yet delicious, this tea has it roots in lychee-scented tea, made by infusing tea leaves with the roasted or smoked fruits.

Lychee-scented tea is a traditional blend originating from China thousands of years ago, made from black (or green) tea leaves infused with the fruit’s iconic aroma.

Simply brew these tea leaves to create a sweet, aromatic tea, then cool it down with ice cubes!

What if you don’t have scented tea leaves? You can make your own from scratch using our syrup and plain tea, following our simple recipe!

This refreshing combination of woodsy black tea and sweet lychees is perfect for iced tea lovers. It’s light, refreshing with a slight tarty kick, and absolutely bursting with flavour!

Brew up a pitcher of iced tea, and spend your lovely spring mornings with the perfect thirst-quencher! Treat yourself during dinner, or share the lychee love with your friends in a house party. You can even add a splash of alcohol to make it more adult-friendly.

lychee tea

Lychee Iced Tea

As refreshing as it sounds, this classic combination is springtime perfection in a glass!

What you’ll need

– 6g loose leaf black tea
– 100g lychee syrup
– 300ml hot water
– 300g ice cubes

How to make

Step 1

Pour 300ml of hot water over black tea leaves in a pitcher; brew for 1 minute.

Step 2

Strain out the tea leaves, then add ice cubes to the tea for rapid cooling

Step 3

Stir in lychee syrup and serve

Craving for some extra sweetness? Give your iced tea a refreshing boost by adding whole or sliced lychees to your drinks.

Prefer a more tart, citrusy flair? Add a dash of lemon to make lychee lemon tea! 
What’s more, you can also add your favourite toppings to make lychee bubble fruit tea!

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