Have a bubbly, exciting National Bubble Tea day!

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Get out your boba straws and grab your friends, April 30th is National Bubble Tea Day!
Let’s celebrate by enjoying the best that bubble tea has to offer.

We are bubbling with enthusiasm just thinking about celebrating this iconic beverage, but have you ever wondered about the history of this national treasure? Read on to find out!

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Where did bubble tea come from?

The history of bubble tea is rooted in Taiwan’s street food culture in the 1980s.
Did you know that the “bubble” in bubble tea does not refer to the tapioca boba, but rather the foamy bubbles created by shaking the tea?
This method of enjoying iced tea was invented in the 1940s, and grew in popularity in the 80s.

As for adding tapioca pearls? While we can trace this combination back to the 80s, exactly who came up with the idea is a subject of debate. In fact, at least two tearooms have claimed to be the inventor of tapioca bubble tea.
Regardless, this addicting blend of tea and boba soon became a sensation!

After making it big in its homeland, bubble tea made its way to the United States, starting in California, in the 1990s. As this fun beverage began growing in popularity, many different bubble tea cafes and shops began cropping up in cities and countries all over the world!

What is National Bubble Tea Day?

Interestingly, the origins of National Bubble Tea day has nothing to do with Taiwan or its government!

This holiday actually originated from a marketing campaign of a bubble tea brand in 2018, who applied for April 30th as National Bubble Tea Day.
Why April 30th? It was the first day the brand opened shop in New York, way back in 2010.

In 2020, the Taiwanese government also declared their own Bubble Tea Day, which happened to be on the same day. Coincidence or deliberate? You decide!

woman drinking bubble tea Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com bubble tea day

A global sensation!

Today, bubble tea is enjoyed by millions of people worldwide and has become a cultural phenomenon!
It’s available in a wide variety of flavors, ranging from classic milk tea to fruity and exotic blends. What’s more, it’s highly customizable with different types of milk and sweeteners!

How to Celebrate National Bubble Tea Day

Make your own bubble tea

Making bubble tea is easier than you think! All you need is tea, milk, sugar, tapioca pearls, and a shaker or blender.

You can find our exclusive recipes here:

Take yourself or your friends out

Another way to celebrate to go out for desserts and a quick brew-up, either by yourself or with your loved ones!

Not only do you get to enjoy boba tea yourself, but you also get to share the joy with your family and friends!

Educate yourself on bubble tea

National Bubble Tea Day is also an opportunity to learn more about this iconic drink!

People can explore the various types of bubble tea, learn about traditional brewing methods, and discover new and innovative recipes to try at home

Post on social media

Want to share your love for this drink to the wide world? Start posting on social media using the hashtag #NationalBubbleTeaDay.

With many like-minded fans hanging out in the hashtag, it’s the perfect way to discover new bubble tea spots, and to spread the news about this amazing day!

Pretty exciting, huh?

Pick up a cup of delicious bubble tea and join in the fun!

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