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With summer just round the corner, it’s the perfect time to freshen up with a chilled drink! If there’s no bubble tea shop nearby, your best bet would be a bottled drink from the fridge.

Want to enjoy the same chewy goodness from tapioca pearls in your bottle? Our konjac pearls is the perfect solution!

What is konjac?

Konjac, also called Konnyaku in Japan, is made from the corm of its namesake’s plant. After mixing konjac powder with hot water and leaving to cool, the mixture will firm up into a jelly-like texture.

Traditionally konjac is made into noodles, sheets or cakes, but nowadays it’s also used as an alternative to tapioca pearls in bubble tea. With a slightly crunchy texture, they can brighten up any cup!

Why konjac?

Compared to regular pearls, these pearls are a great low-calorie alternative! As konjac is a great source of soluble fibres, it can help improve your gut health and reduce blood fat levels.

Moreover, as it helps slow down digestion and promotes a more “full” feeling, it also helps with weight loss!

konjac pearls

What makes our konjac pearls different?

These pearls are no ordinary pearls. Here’s what makes them so special:


Unlike other competitors, our pearls are able to withstand autoclaving without losing its texture.

While others turn soggy, ours can stay chewy!

No preservatives

As we use heat to sterilize the pearls, they do not need any added preservatives.

Want a safer, preservative-free experience? This is for you!


Other competitors’ pearls tend to taste slightly sour, as they rely on acidity for quality control and maintaining the shelf life.

This is not needed for our pearls – they taste just as great as the real thing!

What can you do with the pearls?

Here’s a quick run-down:

Ready-to-drink beverages

Want to have the authentic bubble tea experience with bottled or canned drinks?

By adding these pearls during production, you can make this dream come true!

Healthy desserts

Add the pearls to your favourite desserts.
Not only do they lend extra chewy goodness, the soluble fibres they contain are also great for your health!

Ready to begin?

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