Cool down in summer with green tea lychee jelly!

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Looking for a sweet, refreshing drink for beating the summer heat? If you’re a lychee lover then look no further. Here’s our latest obsession: Green tea with Lychee Jelly!

Lychee jelly is not just a classic sweet treat for kids, it’s also a great bubble tea topping too! In this drink, we combine the tantalising sweetness of lychee with green tea’s refreshing flavours, creating the perfect summer pick-me-up.

Read on to learn more!

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Why green tea?

Thanks to its relaxing aroma and light taste, green tea is the perfect base for this drink. The tea’s grassy notes and earthy undertones also create a perfect backdrop to the jelly too!

That’s not all, green tea is also jam-packed with health benefits: From anti-oxidants to polyphenols, green tea can help you relax, lift up your mood, aid digestion, improve heart health and more!

Lychee Jelly – a Tropical Treat

The star of this show is lychee jelly, which adds a burst of exotic sweetness to the green tea! With its delicate, flowery aroma and juicy flesh, it’s no wonder lychee is such a popular fruit.

Even in jelly form, the distinctive flavours of lychee is still able to do its magic, infusing the tea with its tantalizing sweetness. Moreover, the jelly’s smooth texture adds a playful touch to the drink’s mouthfeel.

bunch of lychee fruits 
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lychee jelly

Take a sip!

Every sip will take you to a tropical paradise! First, let the smooth, revitalizing green tea hit your taste buds, cooling you down in an instant.

Next, slurp up the jelly in the bottom of the glass, allowing the sweet, bouncy jelly dance on your tastebuds.

When the vibrant green tea meets the tropical sweetness of the jelly, it’s like a flavour symphony in your mouth!

Make it your own!

Just like any other drink, you can easily customize this drink to fit your tastes!

Want to make it even sweeter? Add a touch of honey or fructose. Prefer a more subtle sweetness? Go easy on the lychee jelly.

What’s more, feel free to play with different additions to take it up a notch: Add a splash of citrus juice, or infuse the green tea with mint leaves for a more refreshing sip. The choice is yours!

lychee jelly

Green tea with lychee jelly

Experience a tropical paradise with every sip as the vibrant flavors and delightful sweetness harmonize in a symphony of taste!

What you’ll need

– 10g lychee jelly powder (6 servings)
– 400ml green tea
– 60ml hot water
– Ice cubes to taste

How to make

Step 1

Add the jelly powder and hot water to a bowl, then mix well

Step 2

Leave to cool, then refrigerate for 1-2 hours until completely set

Step 3

Fill glass with green tea, then add the lychee jelly and ice cubes. Enjoy!

Give it a try!

From the sweet lychee jelly to green tea’s refreshing coolness, this drink is the perfect thirst-quencher in a hot summer day.

Find the ingredients here!

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